More. Less. Soon.

To our own amazement, today marks 10 years since we embarked on this journey. Starting as a humble local design shop in 2013, building Mure has been an exciting traverse. In 2015, we opened our online doors to the world, sharing design goodness across Europe and overseas. In 2017, we delved even deeper into our focus on 'less but better’, honing a purposefully reduced, highly curated collection of goods.

Then the pandemic came, and “just” selling things, even if they were carefully selected, didn’t cut it for us anymore. So we took some time to think on the meaning of our project. After a two-year hiatus, we have started working to resume our journey with a fresh sense of purpose. During this interim, we've been pondering, envisioning, and most importantly, yearning to undertake a venture that resonates on a truly fulfilling level.

Now we are thrilled to share a new shift for Mure. As a family-run project since day one, we are delighted to welcome our esteemed friends and partners Leander and Malte from Studio Lenzing to the team. Together we aim to design and build a redefined Mure experience. We share the vision to create a platform that celebrates mindful living, embracing a thoughtfully curated array of content, goods, and tools to enhance your daily life and rituals.

We see Mure as a space that transcends mere transactions. Our aspiration is to craft a universe centred around you, where conscious living meets good design. The essential system for a well-crafted, intentional daily existence. A sanctuary where form and function coalesce harmoniously, with the elegance of simplicity and painstaking attention to detail.

Our mission is to empower you with the resources to lead a life curated with intent. We warmly invite you to join us on this inspirational journey. You are an integral part of this story, and we are eagerly looking forward to welcoming you back to Mure in 2024.

David, Leander & Malte

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